Geotechnical Testing 2018-06-14T00:46:24+00:00

Geotechnical Testing Services
by AGES of Jax

Engineering Consulting & Subsurface Exploration Services


  • Structure Foundation Design
  • Earth Dams and Embankments
  • Groundwater Monitoring and Control
  • Pavement Systems
  • Distressed Structures Design
  • Foundation Construction Monitoring
  • Quarry/Mineral Evaluations
  • On-Site Construction Monitoring
  • Dewatering Plans
  • FEMA Flood Plain Analysis
  • Expert Witness Testimony
  • Groundwater Discharge Permitting
  • Helical Pile Analysis


  • Soil Test Borings
  • Rock Coring (vertical and inclined)
  • Recovery of Undisturbed Samples
  • Groundwater Monitoring Wells (Temporary)
  • Bore Hole Packer Testing
  • Field Permeability Tests
  • Electrical Resistivity Surveys
  • Double Ring Infiltration Testing